Irresistible Me Hair Extensions - Review

You guys don't know how I've missed being back on the blog.
There has been so much going on these past months - for those of you who follow me on my
social media know exactly what I mean :( -
Well, I'm so excited to be back and I promise to war more consistent from now on :).
Ok, enough rambling around and let's get to it.
You guys might not know, but my hair has gone through a lot in the last few years, and with a lot
I mean that I've pretty much have had it all! Tons of colors and changes in length.
I was so happy when I first was invite to collaborate with my friends from Irresistible Me Hair, since 
I've always been a lover of instant length change in my hair. 

Irresistible Me Hair is based in the Fashion District in New York and are a brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions. For this collaboration I decided to go for the Royal Remy Extensions in Natural Black and 24 inches long (200g). I know...craaaazy long, right? But I loved them!
The only thing I have to point out is that they did seem too thin for me, but let me mention that
I have VERY THICK HAIR myself, so that definitely had a lot to do. Now, going from a little more than shoulder length hair to 24 inches long is a HUGE change, so I did cut them a little to add minor
layers and have them blend easier and smoother to my natural hair. 
Special thanks to my friends from Irresistible Me Hair in NY, I was very pleased with
the product and most importantly, the quality! It was remarkable!
Here are some before and after pictures, loves! 


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