Street Style Feat. NICOLE LEE USA

I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday and enjoying the first day of summer!
I'm so excited that hotter days are finally here and I'm also super excited 
to share another outfit post with you guys!
with that said, I got to style this black Kiley Shopper Bag from my
beautiful friends at NICOLE LEE and as some of you know, I LOVE medium to big size
handbags! They just fit everything and I'm so the type that likes to carry everything
from wallet, keys, makeup bag, a water bottle and so on (lol).

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions - Review

You guys don't know how I've missed being back on the blog.
There has been so much going on these past months - for those of you who follow me on my
social media know exactly what I mean :( -
Well, I'm so excited to be back and I promise to war more consistent from now on :).
Ok, enough rambling around and let's get to it.
You guys might not know, but my hair has gone through a lot in the last few years, and with a lot
I mean that I've pretty much have had it all! Tons of colors and changes in length.
I was so happy when I first was invite to collaborate with my friends from Irresistible Me Hair, since 
I've always been a lover of instant length change in my hair.