Messy bun and rips

The weather has been pretty tricky out here in LA, some days it's warm and other days it gets cloudy and cool, it even rained a little yesterday and here I am looking out the kitchen
window and it's all clear skies, a common fall afternoon in California. I'm guessing that it's these climate changes that have gotten me all sick. I've been having a horrible sore throat since early Saturday and it seems to not go away (my voice is basically 95 percent gone!). 


I know you might be asking: what's with her "LIVE A GREAT STORY" tank top?
It was such an honor to be invited to participate in spreading this positive message of 
living a great story with you guys! LIVE A GREAT STORY is an inspirational San Diego based 
brand whose mission is to spread a positive message throughout the community and encourage people to "live a great story" through the pursuit of one's interests and goals.