Starlooks - Resort Edition - Product Review

I'm super excited to be collaborating as a Beauty Blogger with my friends at Starlooks!
I came across this fabulous brand about 2 years ago while I interned for Style Fashion Week LA
as I was responsible for doing all of the calls and arrangements for most
of the brands that were sponsoring the shows in the beauty department. 
I was really drawn to Starlooks because of the glamorous looks that
were being created with simple steps and one-of-a-kind products.
This month I received the Starlooks Resort Edition, so here is the review on the three
awesome products that came inside this little cute package.

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Jet Set Lipstick:
I really loved this lipstick color, not to mention, its moisturizing formula is AMAZING!
I'm such a big fan or nude lip colors (of course I wear some color here and there) and this beautiful color has just been added to my list of favorites. The sample size also comes in super handy when carrying around, I mean I'm always on-the-go, so it's perfect!


Tropic | Ritz Highlighter/Blush Duo:
Again, AMAZING! This pretty duo has the perfect combination
of rose and gold tones. I'm not as light skinned, so I typically prefer to have
those gold tones in my face when it comes to highlighters, sometimes I feel like the shimmery light ones
tend to make me look somewhat ashy. This blush is pretty rosy and bless perfectly with the highlighter. 
They are also both very long-lasting and can be paired with either a day-time look or an evening out.


Aqua Water Eyeshadow:
This cool eyeshadow is pretty shimmery and can either be used as an all over lid
shadow or as an inner-lid color. What I really loved about it was that I was able to use it lightly on my 
eyelid one day to give my eye a pop of shimmer and as a highlighter on my brow bone…REALLY!
I know it seems a little cray, but what is super nice about it is that it doesn't go on as aqua
as you're probably thinking, as a matter of fact, one light layer gives just 
that perfect shimmer highlight look and that is exactly how I used it over my 
regular eyeshadow one night. LOOOOVED IT!


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