YSL Influenster Box - Product Review

Sooooo first off, I'm BAAACK!! 
HAHA! It's been a few busy weeks for me at work and in LA with tons
of stuff going on! As you guys can notice, I was waaaaay too excited about receiving this influenster
box and couldn't put my patience into practice when opening it! I'm so thankful with influenster and 
YSL for this box! 
Ok, so one thing that I am REAAALLY into is primers! I'm very specific about what
I put on my face on a daily basis (given the fact that I work at a makeup counter), so I try to find
good primers all of the time and compare them to my last favorite.
With that said, I was so happy to see these two amazing products in my Influenster box!
Here is a quick review on these two beauties!

Blur Primer (smaller clear bottle): A M A Z I N G!!! I applied it on my moisturized skin and it goes on suuuuuuper smooth and as a medium thick texture. I LOOOVE it, it feels super light weight and completely evens out the skin and gives it a smooth feel, all ready for makeup application. 

Blur Perfector: So this fabulous product has two different options for use. The first one is by replacing your foundation with it (more for a natural and light makeup look during the day). You apply it  with soft sweeping motions from the center of the face outward using the applicator. The second option is to use it as a finish or to re-touch your face after applying makeup. For this option, you want to just tap the product (without sweeping) on visible pores or shiny areas (MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!). It's such a fab way to mattify your look and smooth any imperfections that arise throughout the day. SUUUPER long-wearing too. 


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