Fresca VoxBox Product Review / Crítica de Productos de Fresca VoxBox

I'm so excited to share the review of my very first Fresca VoxBox. The VoxBox is a campaign hosted
by Influenster and are sent to qualifying members who will test, review and share
products relevant to their lifestyles. So with that said, I was selected to participate
in this campaign and was sent aVoxBox filled with awesome products to test and review. 
This is nothing but my very honest opinion about these beauty products. :)

JAFRA Blends creates luxurious aromatic skin & body care formulas, cosmetics and fragrances. I was sent the Blackberry Juniper Magnolia and I have to be honest, it is such a fresh and clean
scent (very ideal for the spring/summer). I sprayed some to my very first day at my new
job and received tons of compliments on it. I personally loved the size as well (1 fl oz), as it comes in 
handy to carry around and have in your purse. Along with the 1 oz bottle, I was
also sent little sample sizes of two other scents (other than the one I just mentioned) 
Violet Pomegranate and Sea Salt Rose Petals. The scents are al AMAZING! My personal favorite
is the Sea Salt Rose Petals, sooooo beautiful and feminine. I fell in LOVE!

JAFRA crea formulas lujosas y aromáticas para la piel, cosméticos y fragancias. 
En esta ocasión me tocó recibir el Blackberry Juniper Magnolia y voy a ser súper honesta, me encantó el aroma¡! Aparte de el perfumito con tamaño de 1 oz, me mandaron un paquetito con
tres diferentes fragancias (una de ellas es una versión chica del que les acabo de mencionar). 
Las otras dos fragancias son Violet Pomegranate y Sea Salt Rose Petals. Todos los aromas
estam lindísimos y muy frescos, ideales para esta temporada de primavera/verano. Les
cuento que me puse el Blackberry Juniper Magnolia en mi primer día de trabajo, todas mis
compañeras me alagaron con la escencia. Me enamoré¡!

Another really cool product I was sent is the shampoo and conditioner set of the Not Your Mother's
Clean Freak. NYM creates very unique hair products the are NEVER tested on animals and 
are always under $10! How amazing is that? The consistency of both of these products
are AWESOME! I am always used to a very foamy shampoo's and this one doesn't necessarily 
do that, but the outcome is GREAT! Clean and fresh feeling hair! The conditioner does
i's job like no other. It's not as "creamy"or "thick", but sure does leave every stand smooth
an sleek. LOVE THESE TWO!

Otro de los productos que me mandaron para esta campaña fue este set de champo y enjuague de la 
línea Not Your Mother's. NYM crea productos naturales que jamás son usados en animales
y siempre cuestan menos de $10. Padrísimo, ¿no?  ME ENCANTARON¡! 

I've always been a fan of shaving cream (even though the first time I EVER shaved I did it on
dry and bare skin…I know…HORRIBLE) so I was super excited to see this one when I
opened my VoxBox! Pure Silk's rich and luxurious shave cream is AWESOME!
It comes out of the bottle in a very foamy consistency (others usually come out like thin toothpaste and 
go on as thick cream when you apply it) and in my opinion, it's fabulous! The scent
makes it a million times better plus the smooth and hydrating feel after the shave.
 Definitely a must, girls!

Siempre he sido fanática de la crema para rasurar (aunque la primera vez que me rasuré mis
piernitas lo hice inocentemente y sin saber lo que hacía…maja. Lo hice con la piel 
super seca y sin gota de agua, y pues me ardió hasta el alma) así que me llené de emoción al ver
esta botellita en mi VoxBox. Y bueno, esta crema para rasurar está padrísima. Deja la piel
lisa e hidratada.  

Ok, so here's a little about my preference for lip products…
I typically don't wear bright or glossy colors on my lips, I'm the type that opts for nude and
matte colors. So, with that said, I was a little scared to try this NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer  in Rockaway Ruby but the result was FANTASTIC! A medium gloss and rich true red lip color.

Bueno, les cuento que en cuanto a labiales nunca me han gustado mucho los brillos y 
productos que te hacen ver los labios "jugosos" y esas cosas (jajaja), así que admito que tuve un poco
de miedo usar este labial pero los resultados fueron muy padres. Este es el NYC Expert Last Lip Lacquer en el tono Rockaway Ruby. Es un rojo muy lindo y, para mi sorpresa, el brillo
es bastante moderado, nada de más. Definitivamente me encantó y el color es muy duradero (aguanta la carrilla, pues). 

Legs for dayssss! Ok, hands down with this fab and awesome product. Confession…I have
my very own spray-on version of this exact one. Sally Hansen's Leg Makeup is gorge! I use it
during the Spring and Summer (or whenever I throw on a pair of shorts or a skirt either knee length or higher. It gives legs a smooth, flawless look. I tend to bruise easy on my legs, so this 
product is one that I REALLY LOVE! Having received it in a smaller version makes
my life sooooo much easier! LOVE IT!

Piernas lindaaaaas jajaja¡! Bueno,  para no darle tanta vuelta al asunto, este producto de Sally Hansen me cayó del cielo…bueno, el tamaño. Les digo eso porque ya tengo este maquillaje de piernas, 
solo que en tamaño más grande y en la versión spray. Me encanta usarlo en estas fechas y en el verano 
porque obviamente es cuando más uso shorts y faldas. Le da una apariencia libre de imperfecciones
a las piernas y de un color bronceado. En lo personal me funciona muy bien porque mis 
piernas son sensibles y me salen moretones a cada rato (de esos que dices, "¿de dónde me salió este?").
Y bueno, pues como me lo mandaron en miniatura, lo echaré a mi bolsa de mano
para usarlo donde sea¡!

This Neutrogena Facial Cleanser is so good! It honestly gives you that fresh clean feel after using it and 
as it says: IT WON'T OVER-DRY SKIN. Who else thinks this is an amazing combo?
I've definitely added this to my night time routine, THE BEST.

Este limpiador facial de Neutrogena es una maravilla, se los juro. Te deja esa sensación de un rostro
limpio y radiante y lo mejor es que como lo dice: NO SECA LA PIEL. Luego me pasaba que 
usaba otros limpiadores faciales y sí, me quitaban toda la tierra y cosas que tu piel acumula durante
el día, pero al final mi piel se sentía seca, y con este, el caso es otro. ME ENCANTA¡!


Cut-Offs for days

It's been a week of pretty unpredictable weather. I mean, did we ever have rain and hail in May? Crazy much. Here's one of this weeks outfits that I really loved. 
I paired one of my very favorite jackets with these cut-offs I made myself! These are
a pair of 7ForAllMankindJeans that I bought a few years ago and decided to take a turn on them. 
I cut off the bootcut they had and made some knee holes! I wasn't too convinced at
first but then I styled them and loved how they turned out.
Here are the complete deers to my outfit!

Outfit details:
Jeans: 7ForAllMankind (Original Bootcut)
Espadrille Flats: Target 
Military Jacket: Kohl's 
Watch: Betsey Johnson 
Bracelet & Ring: Tiffany & Co. 


I N S T A G R A M / T W I T T E R / S N A P C H A T: @thestyleframe

F A C E B O O K:


Street Style

Hey guys! here is my very first post with my grey hair!
Those of you who follow me on Instagram know I've had it for about two weeks now.
I've always loved doing my own hair (I know, crazy…huh?) and this one was quite a 
challenge, but I was able to accomplish it.
Ok, so moving on to today's outfit, I'm a very effortless style type of girl for my everyday looks, so
this one really reflects that. I got this top at target and guess what? It's a very oversized tee (2X) that
I found on sale and thought it was cool to use as a pj shirt and well, I obviously 
permanently moved it out of my pajama drawer haha. I love it because it's so big and comfy and for this outfit I tucked the extra fabric in the back of my jeans (since I have this long cardigan) and
it worked perfect!

Outfit Details:

Top: Target
Skinnies: H&M
Cardigan: Target
Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Leather
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Marc Jacobs


I N S T A G R A M / T W I T T E R : @thestyleframe
F A C E B O O K :
S N A P C H A T : thestyleframe