Jewel Toned Shapewear

I'm beyond excited to share with you guys a fabulous piece that I was gifted 
from my friends at Jewel Toned! Jewel Toned is shapewear line that designs their products
so perfectly and most importantly, comfortable to wear. The shapewear isn't meant to strictly be worn as underwear nor outwear, so the amazing part about it is that it allows you to create your own style with the pieces Jewel Toned makes. How convenient is that? I definitely LOVED it!

I went for the Street Smart Bike Short for two reasons: I'm such an outdoorsy/active person and I also have a very effortless style that I go to on a daily basis, so I found these to be the perfect match for me! I styled these shapewear shorts in three different ways and went from using them as an activewear piece (my personal favorite) all the way to that perfect under garment on a night out. Check it out bellow!

I am hosting an INSTAGRAM (@thetsyleframe) giveaway on this same exact piece, so make sure you check it out and follow the easy steps in order to enter. GOOD LUCK!***

You can also shop for this piece and other great shapewear products here: