FALLing for Polka Dots

I'm so excited that fall is here, even though it doesn't quite feel like it yet.
This past weekend I was at a wedding and I was having a little trouble
figuring out what to wear. I typically don't struggle when putting
an outfit together, but given the fact that the weather here in SoCal was
a bit unpredictable, I was debating whether to wear something a little
warmer or not. I went for this really cute dress (which I have only worn about 3 times
since I got it) that I got a few years ago at Target. I love how it can be very basic as far as 
the color and the nude polka dots. It's super feminine, cute and has a chic look as well.
Here are the details to the outfit, pretty simple. :)

Dress: Target
Pumps: Target
Nail Polish: Nars - Dovima

wow… every time I add an outfit post I realize how much garment and accessories I have from Target. I just LOVE that place! lol!

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