60's inspired piece this FALL

Hi, loves!
I am so excited to be sharing this new blog post with you guys, the reason is…this 60's inspired piece.
Truth is, I am such a "deal hunter" when it comes to shopping and I found this dress a few years
ago at a thrift store! Yes, I said it…at a second hand shop. I used to always be a little
weirded out about even stepping into a thrift store until one day I cleaned out my closet and
decided to donate A LOT of clothes (and I mean A LOT). So I went into a huge thrift shop
near my house and was AMAZED at all that they had. I started looking through some clothes
and I was really surprised to find (if not new) almost new items. I mean, some of
my stuff were daily new, but geez, these pieces even had original tags on them. So from that
day on, I try to stop by second-hand stores about once a month, you guys would NEVER
guess the cool finds I come across and since I LOVE revamping furniture, home decor and whatever
else I can make "better", I can't help but share these awesome things with you all on here.

So this dress was one of the cool pieces I found at that store about 2 years ago. I completely fell in 
love with it for two reasons. One: It's my FAVORITE color. Two: I found it to be such a rare little
one-piece dress. At first I was a little bummed because I felt it to be quite big on me but then I asked myself: "Who said it had to be a fitted piece?" So I got it. :)
Given the fact that the color is a little peculiar, I find it to be perfect for fall only.
Oh my, well after all of my rambling, here are the details to this outfit…

* I've been asked to post the purchase prices for my outfit pieces, so as long as I remember how much I paid, I'll make sure to add it on my posts. :)

Thrift Find (Dress): $2.00
Heels: Mossimo Supply Co. $25.00 (Target)
Belt: Merona $5.99 (Target)

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