The Boyfriend Jeans

I'm such a big fan of all jeans, but it honestly took me more than a few
tries to get my hands on a pair of Boyfriend Jeans. 
Picking out the right size and fit for a pair of BF Jeans isn't easy at all and 
if some of you have tried it, it's not like they're literally your boyfriend's 
jeans (although, they could be).
I haven't really been a lover of loose DENIM, but coming across this pair was amazing!
Again, it can get a little complicated or even uncomfortable for 
many of us to put an outfit together with this specific piece.
I decided not to go for such a baggy fit, but rather something that felt
somewhat loose, but yet keeping everything else in place! haha!
Here are the details for today's outfit as I took on my full-time college student job! 

Pinguin Sweater: Kohl's
Boyfriend Jeans: Target
White Converse
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Tasha Leather Single Wrap

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