Urban Fox

Hi, loves!
I've missed posting on my blog as frequently as I would a few weeks ago. :(
College has started again for me and for all of you that
have attended or are currently in college, know how much dedication it takes.
So I guess that's the down side of the situation...haha!
Anyway, without much more rambling, let's get to the point!
I've been coming to LA almost every weekend for internship purposes, so I 
decided to shoot some pictures with the outfit I was wearing today!
After all, driving for a little more than 2 hours does require me to 
feel comfortable!

Here are the details...

Fox Tee-Shirt: Target
Black Cardigan: Target
Loose Casual Trousers: Target
Sandals: ALDO
Purse: Black Michael Kors Leather Handbag

You can also find me on I N S T A G R A M as: sadaiayala

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