Living Off Film and Books

I've been away for almost 2 weeks!
Studying for my finals totally killed me last week, which 
literally kept me away from blogging. :(
Anyway, I'm back!!
For today's post I decided to leave the city theme behind a little
and add a different feel. 
I'm such a huge literature-obsessed girl, so during my free time you
will usually find me catching up on some of my favorite authors. 
Of course, as long as I'm not working on my internship, hanging
out with friends or shopping! Haha!
I also have a love for photography, which means I do own
several cameras -including the one featured here- and try to find 
as much inspiration as I can out on the streets and basically 
just anywhere!
Hope you enjoy this post!

Outfit Details: 

Oversized Sweater: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle
Statement Necklace: H&M
Flats: Talbots
Clutch: Banana Republic
Watch: Marc Jacobs 
Nail Polish: Essie - Midnight Cami

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Pardon my French,

The weather is much colder than what was forecasted today, and I won't 
really complain much about it since it forced me to finally wear this long coat
that I have been yearning for from Kenneth Cole. I highly recommend owning
one of these long coats; they come in handy and you can combine it with almost anything!
It's a little ironic to say that I'm starting to freeze myself here in San Diego!
I mean, our weather is typically envied all over the globe!
While enjoying a Mediterranean climate with generally mild, sunny
weather throughout the year, this time around the temperature
seems to be dropping a little more than usual. 
So it calls for layering and warm clothing.
I headed over to Downtown for a stroll and to take some shoots of today's outfit!
I decided to combine my coat with a more casual street style.
It's funny because I've had these coach sneakers for about 6 years and
they're still going strong! haha! I don't really wear them much, I guess
that's why they're still around. 
I hope you guys enjoy this blog since I decided to add a couple more pictures than usual.
Also, I ran into a Doggie Christmas Parade and I'm 
beyond in love with all dogs, so I added those pictures as well.

Please, "pardon my French"! 

Here are my outfit details:

Tee: "Pardon my French" T-Shirt from Target (on sale for $3.50)
Skinny Jeans: Forever21
Sneakers: Coach
Coat: Kenneth Cole
Beanie: Banana Republic
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Aviator
Handbag: Black Leather Michael Kors (My Favorite!)

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You can also find me on I N S T A G R A M : sadaiayala


I am soooo excited that December is finally here!
It's the last month of the year and it's officially Holiday Season!
Candles are starting to be lit around my house and I'm already getting started
on some Christmas Shopping; it couldn't get any better! :)
With no more rambling about this amazing time of the year, let's get
started on this post! haha :) 
Yesterday's outit was a little fun!
I have to say that for some reason, every time I'm in such
a hurry to leave my house and I find myself rushing out of the shower and not knowing what in the world to wear, I end up putting together better outfits than when I actually try!
This is obviously a love-hate situation for me!
I also have to mention that my hair was just not cooperating much (given the
fact that I didn't even have time to blow-dry it) so I just went
 for a simple  tight bun in the back. I've never been a fan of
styling my hair and parting it in the middle, I feel like I look very
strange and funny! it might just be the shape of my face!
But anyway, I decided to change it up and stick with it! haha :)
Here are the details to my outfit:
Black Top: H&M (should I mention that I purchased
                   this tee on Black Friday for only $2.50? That's a deal!) 
Blazer: Forever21
Jeans: David Kahn
Black Heels: Aldo
Necklace: H&M (Also a Black Friday item for $5.50)
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You can also find me on I N S T A G R A M : sadaiayala