I'm beyond thankful with God for all of His endless blessing in my life. 
Sometimes we are so used to everything and everyone around us 
that we don't take the time to stop for a minute and embrace the 
blessings we are surrounded by day after day. I think it's very important 
to be thankful every day for the simple fact of being alive and having our 
family and close friends in our lives!
 I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving and sometime during 
the madness in the kitchen while cooking and family and friends being 
over, time was made to say a prayer or simply meditate a minute in how blessed we are!
Thank you God, Thank you Life!



 Here are the details on my Thanksgiving outfit (pictures aren't the best quality):

Black Tee: Forever21
Blazer: Free People
Clutch: Charming Charlie
Loose Cropped Pants: H&M
Heels: Chinese Laundry





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